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Buy diplomatic passport is the premium source to buy Austrian driving license online. It plays a very crucial role in our life while you’re driving. The valid real official driving licenses are the much needed document for driving and traveling in any country. Having our created diplomatic real driver’s permit you can make your life better and happier. If’ you have need, add your needed product into cart and place an order. You’ll get a confirmation conversation shortly.

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Buy Austrian Driving License at an affordable price. We provide the best quality documents to users in different countries by sending them within 2-3 weeks. It all started in 2006 with a goal to help people who need a fake Austrian Driving License for work, school or other purposes. We offer dozens of high quality driving licenses that are available in an easy-to-use online shopping cart which you can buy with just one click.


We understand that time is important to everyone and we try our best to deliver top quality driving license as soon as possible so that our customers can use it without any hassle or delay.”


Buy Diplomatic Passport is the best source for driver’s license online. We are a most trusted novelty documents company with approximately ten thousand customers per year. With us, you can purchase driving licenses with full confidence. We have a wide range of Austrian Driving Licenses to choose from including driver’s permit, provisional license that are all legal, genuine and best in class.


The is an alternative place where you can obtain Austrian Driving License online. As we all are familiar that how driver’s license is required while you’re on the driving seat. We’re a company that brings you the best Novelty Documents. We have a range of documents for any occasion, from Birth Certificates to Visa Papers.


It’s also called Austrian Driving Certificate which enables us to drive and we can do so with the help of this certificate. It has an Official Austrian Stamp and Picture of you on it. Order now for your novelty documents online! Driver’s licenses are important for all of who want to get the driving seat of an automobile. But what you also need to know is that new drivers need to pass tests before they can get their permit for the first time. To achieve your goal, you can buy your drivers certificate at


It’s a good option if you are living in the Austria. As every person must own a driver’s license that was issued by the Austrian licensing authority. We’re an award-winning novelty document company that designs top-quality fake documents that the professionals use. We produce everything you need at prices that can’t be beat. While we produce, we ensure to bypass any foul-play.


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Buy Diplomatic Passport is the alternate place where you can obtain Austrian Driving License online. As we all are familiar that how a driver’s licenses are required while you’re on the driving seat. It’s a key access for traveling on road. It can be commercial & personal and both are required for driving a vehicle on road.


We exist top on the position and help you to obtain real and fake Austrian drivers licenses for sale. If your permit has been expired then you have to be pretty sure where you renew it safely. Having it you are the authorized person to drive anywhere in your country. Including your national identity it ensures that you are valid driver of your vehicle. Buy Diplomatic Passport is the top on table for producing Austrian driver’s license across the world. All your necessary details will be inserted into the legal database system. So that these can checked easily using a data reading system. The registered data will show up in the system and you shall legally use your document anywhere.


How to obtain Austrian Driving License online?


  1. Legal birth certificate photocopy
  2. Any national ID card with photograph
  3. Signature of the candidate
  4. Tax paying paper proof or TIN, if you’re employed


How do we get a nonprofessional Austrian Driving License 2021?


Non-Professional criteria for a new driver’s licenses

  1. You must be strong physically and mentally to manage a motor vehicle.
  2. Must be able to read and write in your native language.
  3. Passed the written and practical test.
  4. Your age must be 18 years old.



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